nejúčinnější prášky na hubnutí recenze(non-registered)
nejúčinnější prášky na hubnutí recenze
Kevin Payne(non-registered)
Great images and well laid out on your website. As someone who has also photographed the Wanaka tree but wasn't brave enough to wade into the water on a very cold May morning I appreciate your dedication.I was a fellow Australian until moving to the UK last June on my retirement to be with our grandchildren. Wishing you every success.

Best regards,

Le Beau(non-registered)
I'm also Studying diploma in professional photography, I absolutely love your photos! they are amazing. taking photos with my first camera got me through a tough time and I'm so grateful for it, it gave me a second chance to choose something that I'm passionate about, and looking through your photos and everyone else's I've come across gives so much more inspiration.
Joy Kachina Catchlight Images(non-registered)
After viewing your images of the B&B I would absolutely LOVE to go there and relax for a few days..You have captured the place beautifully Michelle. I highly recommend Michelle McKoy photography both for her professionalism and creativity.
Joy Kachina(non-registered)
Beautiful Website Michelle..You should feel really proud of all your wonderful images..I wouldnt change a thing :-)
Jenni Clifton(non-registered)
Your photos are amazing. Thank you for taking the time to share them with the public I will be following with interest. One day I would love to take photos half as good as yours...
Cheers and all the best
Chris Steed(non-registered)
Very pleased to be first to congratulate you on your new Web Page and the collection of truly stunning photographs you have on display.

I will be following you with interest... you are an inspiration to people like me

A heartfelt thank you for sharing

Kind regards Chris Steed
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